Sending output to a Database

OSSEC supports MySQL and PostgreSQL database outputs.

Configuration options

These configurations options can be specified in the server or local install ossec.conf file.


IP Address of the database server.

Allowed: any valid IP address


Username to access the database.

Allowed: Any Valid Username


Password to access the database.

Allowed: Any Password


Database name to store the alerts.

Allowed: database name


Type of database (Mysql or PostgreSQL).


OSSEC must be compiled with the database type that is to be used.

Allowed: mysql/postgresql

Enabling Database Support


You must have the MySQL or PgSQL Client libraries installed on the OSSEC server.

Before you run the ”./” script execute the following to compile OSSEC with database support.

# cd ossec-hids-*
# cd src; make setdb; cd ..
# ./

Enable Database output in the configuration

After installation is complete database support needs to be enabled. The following command will enable the database daemon on the next restart.

# /var/ossec/bin/ossec-control enable database