Information about the Beastkit Rootkit

This rootkit was found on a RedHat 7.2 System in 01/2002. The rootkit setup script includes the line “#Beastkit 7.0 - X-Org edition”. Due to this fact, we call it as “Beastkit 7.0”.

More Information

For more info, look at this analyse (author unknown): Analysis of a rootkit: Beastkit


  • usr/include/rpc/ ../kit
  • usr/include/rpc/ ../kit2
  • usr/doc/.sl
  • usr/doc/.sp
  • usr/doc/.statnet
  • usr/doc/.logdsys
  • usr/doc/.dpct
  • usr/doc/.gifnocfi
  • usr/doc/.dnif
  • usr/doc/.nigol
  • *biba
  • *sniff/lins


All files with an “*” need to be search in all system

If you have any more Information about this rootkits sent to rootkits at